Swimming in Morgantown

Most experts would say that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise at least in terms of weight loss.  Because of it’s low impact on your joints, and high calorie burning benefits swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for anyone trying to lose those extra pounds they put on over the holidays.

Some of the advantages of swimming are that it is a total body exercise, no muscle is left untouched, but at the same time it has a very low impact on your joints, because the buoyancy of the water supports them and reduces the shock of impact.

The only real disadvantage of swimming is that it isn’t very good if your goal is to put on muscle or to increase bone strength. For both of these a weight lifting, or body weight exercises should be used.

Though swimming is generally seen as a summer time activity their are multiple indoor pools in Morgantown available to both students and the general public.

This first is The Pool Located in E-Moore Hall.

Courtesy: Youvisit.com

Courtesy: Youvisit.com

This lap pool may be located  on campus, but it’s the pool most used by the Morgantown public because of its use by Lifetime Activities for most aquatics classes. They even offer pool parties.

Another more student oriented indoor pool is located at the WVU Student Rec Center.

This pool not only offers multiple lanes for lap swimming but also a recreational pool area and a hot tub.

This pool like the one at E-moore also offers aquatics classes but not as many.

The next indoor pool is the one located at the Natatorium near the WVU coliseum.

Courtesy: wvusports.com

Courtesy: wvusports.com

This pool offers both lanes for swimming laps and a 1 and 3 meter diving wells. This pool is mostly used for competitive swimming events for both high school and college teams, but it does offer some classes  and a family fun swim time to the public; as well as pool parties.

So if your like me and eat way to much over the holidays consider swimming indoors an option to get back into or stay in shape during these cold winter months.


8 thoughts on “Swimming in Morgantown

  1. Swimming is my absolute favorite form of exercise, I think because, for me, it always seems more like fun that exercise. I have been using the swimming lanes in the rec pool for years, and I notice that there are people of all ages who use swimming as their main cardio activity. If you go early in the morning, there are always a lot of older people using the pool. I have even seen disabled people using the pool to build back up their strength. Swimming is great because it feels easy, but the resistance of the water makes it a great workout!

  2. You took a potentially boring post and made it short and sweet. I think it’s a great idea to keep the content of our posts relevant considering what might going on outside of the internet. For example, it’s winter, maybe I don’t want to go running. I think it’s great you made little profiles of each so a reader can decide which pool is right for them and their needs.

  3. I hate working out (lets be honest here) but swimming is a great form of exercise that many people who dread working out (like me) do enjoy. This is a good post because it brings awareness to why swimming can benefit your health and where to find some pools in Morgantown! If more people knew how rewarding swimming can be and how easy it is to find a public pool in Morgantown, I am sure more people would be interested. This post benefits the gym/health/fitness community in Morgantown by bringing up the basic concept: swimming in Morgantown.

  4. I had no idea there were more swimming pools in Morgantown other than the one located at the Rec Center. Great way to provide an alternative form of exercising in the winter time. Most people would only think to go to the weight room and work out, but swimming is also a great method.

  5. This is a pretty cool post. I am actually looking to lose some weight because like you said, I eat a bit too much over the holidays. I will look into swimming and different thing I can do because working out can get boring, but swimming doesn’t. Great linking of resources for swimming weight loss. Thanks for the info!

  6. I like your post a lot. Especially now that it’s cold and snowing, indoor activities like swimming are important for staying in shape with all of the food that accompanies the holiday season. Are there any indoor pools in Morgantown that aren’t affiliated with the university? I think it would have been interesting to discuss that location, too, if it exists. I know a lot of people in the Morgantown public are driven away from facilities like the rec center just because it’s so overrun with WVU students.

  7. Great post Zak. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and in my opinion way more enjoyable than running on a treadmill. I used to live in California and I often miss being able to run over to the beach and swim for a little, I never knew there were so many indoor swimming options around. I like how you focused on pools that would be accessible now as opposed to just talking about apartment complexes that have pools when it’s warm out.

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