Add a Little Magic to your Friday Night

Every Friday at 2pm and 6 pm, Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming, located at the Morgantown Mall hosts Friday Night Magic.


Generally these events can be as large as 40-50 people and can include a variety of tournaments  and contests, not just tournaments for Magic the Gathering. These can be charity events, as well as just something fun.


Last Friday when I attended, they were hosting a game of Magic as well as Champions– a variety of Magic.

Magic The Gathering is a incredibly popular card game played all around the world.

For  noobs like me the game seems pretty intimidating, but this video explaining the basics of Magic might help that.

And this one

And this one

aaaaand this one

and finally this one

Ok, well maybe it’s a bit complicated, but who hasn’t “geeked out” over something? Some people can recite baseball stats 50 years back and some can tell  you Johnny Deppp’s first acting role (hint: think Freedy Kruger), so to each their own.

These kind of events aren’t a big thing for the owner of Four Horsemen, Ron Davis . He likes to describe Four Horsemen as more of a gathering place than an actual store.

“We never really considered it a store– it’s more of a community center, sort of a hang out kind of place. The store just kind of came along as a result of people just hanging out.” 

Davis originally wanted to just have a comic book store but quickly realized that it would need to be more than that.

” The original idea was just to have a comic store and we realized in the planing stages that it probably wasn’t going to be very viable to do just that, so we kind of tacked on games to it and we started running tournaments before we actually even had a store, and the response was amazing  so we just kept running with it.”

For those interested there is a generally a buy-in, but there is also usually a prize of cash or store credit as well as merchandise.


For information on charity or other events run by Four Horsemen comics and Gaming, they have a Facebook that is regularly updated.


8 thoughts on “Add a Little Magic to your Friday Night

  1. This was a fun post for me because I love MTG. I like the multiple different elements (picture/video/interview) as well. I think the 5 videos is a bit intimidating though. If someone wants to learn to play Magic they can probably find those videos, although I think it’s important that you included a couple of them.

    I also like the slight focus on Four Horsemen being more than just a store. It’s not a casual hangout for me, but every time I go there there are always people hanging out and having fun. It does transcend just a normal comic store.

    I like the photos and I think they show 4H well, but I think captions would help even more. Like underneath the photo of the tables you could mention that is where the action happens with trading card games. It was a fun post to read, though.

  2. I loved this post. I had heard of this place, and I know one guy that goes. It’s funny because it’s like a Friday night alternative, except it’s over before it’s.. uh night? I also liked your voice in the post. It made the multiple videos humorous rather than intimidating. I liked learning about the unique shop as well as learning more about the game and an event going on in the area. Great job.

  3. Friday Night Magic seems to have grown in popularity in recent years. I don’t play the game enough to go to a competition for it, but FNM is a great way for people who are more into it to play with people outside of one or two groups of friends. The Four Horsemen-type store of my home area, Lost Legion Comics and Games in South Charleston, even streams its Magic tournaments online so people can watch and learn more about the game. That’s geared more toward people who are really into the game wanting to see others’ techniques and strategies than new players wanting to learn the game, but there is an audience for it.

    I didn’t know that the store was originally conceived as primarily comic-oriented. That’s a bit surprising because it’s such a hub for Morgantown’s tabletop gaming community. I think it’s a sign of the times, though. Gaming has reached wider audiences, while comic companies struggle to increase interest in monthly issues.

  4. Not bad. There’s a decent variety of sources and channels of information. It still hangs up a bit on the “here is a thing that you can do” angle, but the fact that it’s something unfamiliar to you seems to allow you to present the topic in more useful detail. It would have been helpful to have had a bit more of a timely angle to it – for example, an upcoming tournament – and to speak with some more people involved, but good overall.

  5. Glad to see Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming getting some shine it’s a fantastic place. As someone who loves to read comic books this place have plenty of great books to pick up and people working there are absolutely friendly. With the success of movies as of lately it’s great to see so many people getting interested in comic books again, and Four Horsemen is a great place to get familiar with the medium.

  6. I really like how you provided a way for people to become familiar with a really complex game. The videos posted on here would help anyone who was curious about learning how to play take their first step.

  7. I like it – I think you’re getting better.

    I remember when you first did a story for me back at the DA. Didn’t you do something about the Four Horsemen? Glad to see you’re starting to become involved in a part of the community. The more you cover it, the more you become a part of it. Keep up the good work.

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