Farewell, loyal readers

To our loyal readers,

As our semester has quickly come to an end, our group blog assignment is winding down. Below, you’ll find comments from all authors as a group, but we want you to know how much you’ve meant to us this semester. At the beginning, this assignment seemed very daunting and kind of overwhelming. Throughout the course of the semester, this blog has grown into something much more. It was our aim to bring you news on entertainment options in Morgantown, and we hope we reached our goal! If anything, we hope we’ve brought light to some new, diverse entertainment options for your time in Morgantown! Additionally, we wanted to examine some entertainment issues in town, and we hope all of you will continue to explore your entertainment options in Morgantown (and of course have a good time)!

There are plenty of art and entertainment options in and around Morgantown that are always looking for new members to join. As well there are so many diverse entertainment groups and communities who bring culture and excitment to Morgantown. We encourage all our readers to give new organizations, clubs, events, and programs a try with an open eye.

Many of us have posted throughout the course of the blog about activities we were not too familiar with until after reaching out and becoming part of the specific art community, to be able to understand and relay the entertainment message to our readers.

This blog journey has had a few up and downs but we are very pleased with our posts and hope people here in Morgantown not only related to our posts, but learned something new.

Thank you so much for your commitment to reading our blog and hope that you we’ve provided you with everything you’re looking for! Happy reading & thanks for a great semester!


Eva, Ilyssa, Rachel, Ian, Zak


Military Inspired Fitness

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and if you’re anything like me, you ate until you were miserable and even the thought of moving was unimaginable. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie can really pack on the pounds. If getting into shape before all the fattening foods of the winter holiday season rolls around is an idea you have, why not get in shape the way your manly grandfather did. Good ol’ fashion PT.


Military inspired workouts can whip you into fighting shape in a matter of no time. Military workout programs rely on simple but time tested exercises like pushups,sit-ups, pulls-ups, and running. A good working model of this can be found here.

A group on campus that is utilizing the time tested military standard of fitness is the West Virginia University Air Force R.O.T.C cadets. Cadets in the Air Force R.O.T.C program here at WVU attend PT(physical training) together three times a week:  2:30 p.m. on tuesdays, 7:00 a.m on wednesdays, and 6:30 a.m. on fridays.


Senior Air Force Cadet Taylor Smith served as the Physical Fitness Officer last year and says that sometimes these schedules can be pretty extreme. “A lot of people hate the early morning PT, especially during the spring semester when it’s really cold” says Smith.

All of this physical training is done in order to prepare the cadets to pass the Air Force Fitness Test, which is required of them to continue their career in the Air Force. Some of the more interesting exercises that the cadets face include a late night run, and something called Blue Falcon. “Sometimes we run from downtown, up 8th Street, and over to the sand volleyball court(at Pierpont Apartments on Evansdale) to crawl around and race in the sand,” says Smith,”That’s always a fun one.”

Blue Falcon is another exercise that the cadets participate in. This exercise involves working out with a buddy. One person chooses an exercise, which their partner must also complete and vice versa. According to Smith the cadets often choose increasingly difficult exercises in order to mess with their partner.

So if you are thinking of a way to get back in shape after the stomach stretching holiday of thanksgiving, why not give the workout that has been shaping the men and women who defend our country for years a try.

Swimming in Morgantown

Most experts would say that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise at least in terms of weight loss.  Because of it’s low impact on your joints, and high calorie burning benefits swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for anyone trying to lose those extra pounds they put on over the holidays.

Some of the advantages of swimming are that it is a total body exercise, no muscle is left untouched, but at the same time it has a very low impact on your joints, because the buoyancy of the water supports them and reduces the shock of impact.

The only real disadvantage of swimming is that it isn’t very good if your goal is to put on muscle or to increase bone strength. For both of these a weight lifting, or body weight exercises should be used.

Though swimming is generally seen as a summer time activity their are multiple indoor pools in Morgantown available to both students and the general public.

This first is The Pool Located in E-Moore Hall.

Courtesy: Youvisit.com

Courtesy: Youvisit.com

This lap pool may be located  on campus, but it’s the pool most used by the Morgantown public because of its use by Lifetime Activities for most aquatics classes. They even offer pool parties.

Another more student oriented indoor pool is located at the WVU Student Rec Center.

This pool not only offers multiple lanes for lap swimming but also a recreational pool area and a hot tub.

This pool like the one at E-moore also offers aquatics classes but not as many.

The next indoor pool is the one located at the Natatorium near the WVU coliseum.

Courtesy: wvusports.com

Courtesy: wvusports.com

This pool offers both lanes for swimming laps and a 1 and 3 meter diving wells. This pool is mostly used for competitive swimming events for both high school and college teams, but it does offer some classes  and a family fun swim time to the public; as well as pool parties.

So if your like me and eat way to much over the holidays consider swimming indoors an option to get back into or stay in shape during these cold winter months.

Morgantown Found the Fun in Fitness

We may like to party and burn couches every now and then, but when it comes to being healthy, Monongalia County is Grade-A. 

Wait, Morgantown?

A community advocacy team created a data website known as County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. They have crunched the numbers, measured our collective waistline, and figured in our every death–and found residents in Mon County are the healthiest  in West Virginia! They use a model that measures factors such as access to healthcare, mortality rate, and alcohol use.

The Morgantown area ranks especially high in the health outcomes and health behaviors categories. Basically, this says our people are living longer, are more physically active, and more health-conscience than other West Virginians. Here’s what I think: diet and exercise are the basis for your overall well-being, and both readily available in Morgantown. 

I’m from the southern coal fields, and it’s no surprise to me that my home county ranks at the bottom. Aside from the high school facilities, the closest workout facility is a 35-minute drive, up and down two winding mountains. You might as well forget about running or going for a walk outdoors…unless you want to get squashed by a coal-truck.

In Morgantown, however, there’s probably a fitness center or gym within a one-mile radius, no matter where you live! This allows for a broader ranger of exercise options that can be unique, fun, beneficial. My personal experience with group exercise has been great. The pace keeps you motivated. Inviting a few friends will make everything more fun; then, exercise is also a social event, which distracts from the fact that exercising sucks sometimes. 

The group exercise options in Morgantown are countless. There’s something for everyone. 

Ladies! Channel your inner vixen and tone that body with Risquerobics–a “sexy chair-dance fitness class”. Or try out a “pole dancing for fitness” sample class at Dance Rebellion and Fitness for only $10. 


These ladies are in a pole dancing fitness class at the Dance Rebellion & Fitness Factory located on Greenbag Road in Morgantown.

Clearly, group work-outs have moved beyond the typical yoga or aerobics classes. And Guys! Group exercise isn’t just for women anymore.

There’s TRX Suspension training class in Morgantown. This workout was developed for NAVY Seals, but don’t be intimidated by that! It’s modified for all skill levels. In addition, there are multiple kickboxing, mixed-martial arts, and Jiu-Jitsu classes that range from beginner to advanced. 


This is what you can expect to see in a group jiu-jitsu class at the Ground Zero Fighting Systems gym.

Healthy behavior in Morgantown can be seen on every corner. Even snow can’t stop the outdoor runners from running around here. I even saw a man jogging past our tailgate on a game day. If you’re running on game day, you’ve really got it together. I think healthy lifestyles are catching on because fitness is proving to be a good time.

Corporate Fitness–is it for your company?

Hi everyone! Welcome back to AlmostHeaven Entertainment after a well-deserved Thanksgiving break! In light of that, here are some great ways to work off all the extra pumpkin pie calories! The thought of losing weight, or just toning up and getting in shape, can be daunting! It is to me!

Not everyone thinks exercise is “fun” (myself included), so it might be more fun to do it in a group! Or what about a group of people you work with? West Virginia is consistently ranked near the top of the “Most Obese States,” released every year. With that knowledge, corporate fitness has made its way to Morgantown. The idea of corporate fitness is gaining popularity, and it may be something you’ve never thought of before.

Although it is just one of many options throughout the state, Rob’s Fitness Factory in Morgantown offers corporate fitness classes. With different program levels, corporations of all sizes are able to participate in this program.

The benefits of corporate fitness are plentiful. Research has shown that it can:

It seems like a sound investment for employers to consider!

Although a majority of Morgantown’s population is students (while they’re in session), it’s important to remember there are other people that live here too. Real people, who aren’t in college, who carry on lives, who need to work out!

The numbers don’t lie, either. Research has shown that a little over 90% of companies have some type of wellness benefits for employees. This trend is catching on nationwide. Forbes offers tips to be successful with these still relatively new programs.

  • Making these programs easily accessible in the workplace is important (after all, don’t we all work too much?!)
  • Corporate fitness shouldn’t just be a one-time thing.

Success = duration

Setting up your company for long term success in a lifestyle change isn’t going to be easy. It’s not supposed to be. A group of co-workers exercising together can make for a great support group which always makes exercise easier!

‘Tis not the season to stress, so try some Yoga

The American YOGA Association defines Yoga as a physical and mental exercise that has the desire for greater personal freedom, health and long life, and heightened self-understanding. The word Yoga refers “to join or yoke together,” and it truly is a great group fitness and wellness activity. Yoga has dozens of different types and styles to fit different levels of skill and experience.

Check out some popular Yoga Poses!

Check out some popular Yoga Poses!

Yoga is built on 3 main structures:

  1. Exercise- it is important to put pressure on the glandular systems of the body to increase efficiency and total health.
  2. Breathing- breathing techniques are important because breath is the source of life in the body so one must increase breath control gently to improve health and function of the body and mind.
  3. Meditation– this is the last step once the body is prepared through exercise and better breathing. Room for a quiet mind and meditation for the body can heal everyday stress.
Different types of Yoga are used for different parts of the body and mind.

Different types of Yoga are used for different parts of the body and mind.

Why Yoga? 
This practice is suitable and open to any age or physical condition, except for children under 16 whose bodies nervous and glandular systems are still growing. Yoga should be avoided to not interfere with natural growth. Yoga is also not recommended during menstruation, for pregnant women, or nursing mothers. Yoga has many simple, beginner positions that people can learn from at home through the Internet.

Yoga routines are easy to find online and require just some floor space to do!

Yoga routines are easy to find online and require just some floor space to do!

Check out SELF Magazines Fitness post about 7 Yoga Benefits! or this list by Yoga Journal that lists 38 ways that Yoga keeps you fit!

In a town like Morgantown that draws in a diverse range of people, a few yoga exercises can really help ease a persons mind as well as provide potential health benefits:

  • Stress reduction: Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety as well as enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being
  • Improved fitness: Practicing yoga can lead to improved balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength
  • Management of chronic conditions: Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure.


Ancient Wisdom, 276 South Walnut Street
BlissBlissBliss, 3101 About Town Place
Inner Life Yoga Studio, 1137 Van Voorhis Road, Suite 45
Kula Thai Yoga, 62 Summers Lane
Power Yoga Morgantown, 235 Spruce Street
Suncrest Yoga, 1052H Maple Drive
Yoga for Wellness, 3483 University Avenue

Da Vinci & Dessert

If there is one thing that Morgantown is known for, it’s the partying at WVU (and our athletics).
Being ranked first in Princeton Review’s College Party School 2012 and Playboy’s Top Party Schools 2013 are not the only times WVU has been in their top 10 party school lists. With the reputation as being the number one party school, it leaves the question of, what else is there to do for entertainment in this small but populated town?

While there are plenty of other things to do in Morgantown than party, a new and entertaining company quickly grew in business last year, that brings out your creative side while enjoying delicious sweets.


Da Vinci & Dessert was started in October 2012 by Denise McGrity who was inspired after talking to her friend in Charleston, who owns Uncork & Create, a similar art service that features wine tastings and art classes. The concept behind this Da Vinci & Dessert is to create an experience for people by bringing out your artistic side, while socializing with friends and enjoying dessert food and beverages.

Three ladies enjoy their chocolate desserts during a break from the painting lesson!

Three ladies enjoy their chocolate desserts during a break from the painting lesson!

Da Vinci and Dessert events bring in all sorts of crowds and people!

Da Vinci and Dessert events bring in all sorts of crowds and people!

McGrity and her mother who own the part-time business in Morgantown supply the art supplies (smock, paint, brushes, canvas), lessons, free dessert, and plenty of creative fun for parties and groups. “It’s nice for them because they can just show up,” McGrity said about the requirements to join a Da Vinci & Dessert event. The art and dessert events are held by reservation only with a individual spot fee of $45.

Denise McGrity shows a winter themed painting for an event at The Fondue Factory, Morgantown, WV.

Denise McGrity shows a winter themed painting for an event at The Fondue Factory, Morgantown, WV.

Da Vinci & Dessert holds open events for eight or more people at a variety of venues in Morgantown, with a themed painting chosen by Denise. Da Vinci & Dessert has held events at places downtown such as Black Bear and The Fondue Factory. Private events are also available and the party may choose their venue and painting theme. The way to attend or schedule one of these events is simple. Just go to their website, take a look at the event calendar, sign-up and reserve spots for you and your friends for for a specific night or day.

A perfect girls night out always includes friends, fun activities, and food!

A perfect girls night out always includes friends, fun activities, and food!

Businesses like Da Vinici & Dessert tie in arts and entertainment, as well as provide an artistic and culinary experience to its members. Specifically, a college town can increase word of mouth and business pretty quickly. Students, locals, and visitors can all agree on appreciating fun group activities, artwork, and of course, the dessert! With the connections and friendships that the students in Morgantown can have and create, can and does become a form of word of mouth advertising for the business.

“I have a pretty good following right now, so I have people that are familiar with what I do and they want to come to my events, so they will keep an eye out on whats going on” said McGrity as she has a full schedule of Da Vinci & Dessert events lined up.

College students in Morgantown could have a great time at something like this, because it’s fun and different than what they are typically used to. This is perfect for a girls night out, date night, work related, or simply you and your friends wanting to paint and eat good food. Whatever the occasion, people in Morgantown now have something new and unique for them to do that not only enhances their artistic skill and ability, but brings together new crowds while exploring restaurants all over town. 

Step by step instructions and advise help new painters understand and better their skills.

Step by step instructions and advise help new painters understand and better their skills.

The finished product! Ready to take home.

The finished product! Ready to take home.

*Photos taken by myself.